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June 04 2015

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TL;DR This is a picture of 1,5 meter spacecraft shot when it was 9 times further the the Moon
Using the 5-meter (200-inch) Hale telescope on Palomar Mountain, Jet Propulsion Laboratory astronomers captured this image of the Deep Space 1 spacecraft at a distance of 3.7 million kilometers (2.3 million miles) from Earth. Tracing a path against the constellation Gemini, the spacecraft is receding from Earth at a speed of 1.7 kilometers (1.1 miles) per second relative to Earth. The spacecraft, just 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) high, is 4 million times dimmer than the faintest star visible to the unaided eye. This image was obtained on November 16, 1998, 23 days after the spacecraft's launch from Cape Canaveral, FL. Top of the image is north. Each side of this square image is five arc-minutes, or approximately 0.08 of one degree. 
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